These Professions are Poised to Gain from EV Transition

As a guest columnist for Automotive News Europe, Rue Phillips, co-founder and CEO of SkillFusion, discusses the burgeoning transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe. With ambitious targets set by the EU to drastically reduce emissions, the demand for EVs is on the rise, necessitating a massive expansion of charging infrastructure. Europe’s five major markets face the challenge of accommodating the surge in EVs, with estimates suggesting a need for an additional 3.4 million charging points by 2030. This surge not only requires substantial financial investment but also highlights the pressing need for skilled technicians to build and maintain the charging infrastructure. 

As the EU charts a course towards a greener future, governmental action intersects with technological progress, shaping the landscape of EV adoption across the continent. The introduction of comprehensive legislation, such as the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, underscores the pivotal role of policy in stabilizing the EV charging infrastructure. Moreover, the article underscores the vast employment opportunities emerging in the EV sector, ranging from EV electricians to technicians, presenting a ripe moment for career development in the EV charging space. Rue Phillips’ insights shed light on the transformative potential of EVs and the critical role of skilled professionals in driving this sustainable shift forward. 

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