Skill Fusion Launches First-of-Its-Kind Skill Enhancement and Certification Program Powering the Future of EV Infrastructure Demand

The EV Charger Diagnostic Technician Credentialing Program is designed to help professionals with limited or no prior experience unlock new career opportunities nationwide.

February 28, 2024 — Detroit, MI — SkillFusion, a cutting-edge software platform for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) operations and maintenance (O&M) providers, has announced the launch of its EVSE Diagnostic Technician (EDT) Credentialing Program. This industry-first program provides non-electricians with the needed skills and certifications to carry out specific technical work on electric vehicle (EV) chargers, such as servicing communication and networking systems.

As stated in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), licensed electricians responsible for installing and maintaining the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI)-funded infrastructure must hold continuing education credit. SkillFusion’s EDT program offers a unique credential for non-electrical professionals to maintain and service EVSEs.

“As the NEVI program aims to build a widespread network of 500,000 EV chargers throughout the United States, the need for workers to not only install but maintain this infrastructure becomes critical,” said Elaina Farnsworth, Co-founder and CEO of SkillFusion. “SkillFusion’s EDT Credential ensures that EVSE maintenance and service work is being completed safely by certified technicians every time. ”

SkillFusion’s groundbreaking approach provides charger-agnostic skill enhancement and certification covering the full spectrum of skills needed to support EV charger operations, including technical support, networking and communications, cybersecurity, monthly O&M, and more. As workers complete their certification, they are placed within SkillFusion’s proprietary database of certified technicians—both for electrical and non-electrical workers—which allows EVSE O&M providers the ability to access a skilled labor pool to fulfill service obligations—unlocking unlimited job potential for those who have completed the EDT program.

“Not every service job will require a licensed electrician. SkillFusion’s training will provide the sector with a pipeline of certified technicians with a broader range of skills, critical to the operations and maintenance of the EV charging industry,” said Farnsworth. “Not only are we fusing this talent pool with endless opportunities but we supporting the industry’s goal to reduce charger downtime and increase charger reliability across the country.”

SkillFusion’s EDT program is now live and accepting enrollment. Individuals interested in enrolling in SkillFusion’s EDT credentialing program, can visit for more information. The cost to enroll is $350 and includes 10 hours of training over the course of nine self-paced, on-demand training modules through SkillFusion’s MicroTraX platform.

This launch of the EDT program follows the awarding of $1.5 million to Ride and Drive Electric, a partnership projects which includes SkillFusion, through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). This project will develop a new EVSE Service Provider pre-apprenticeship program, complementing existing training. Graduates will be prepared to conduct assessments of EVSEs and address any non-electrical and programming issue and help ensure more reliable charging experiences for EV drivers.

About SkillFusion

SkillFusion is a first-of-its-kind approach to providing electric vehicle operations and maintenance (O&M) service providers with access to a nation-wide credentialed talent pool for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) O&M obligations. Through the company’s cross-sector training platform, SkillFusion is developing the largest talent pipeline of certified electrician and non-electrician workers available to EVSE O&M service providers with the mission to minimize charging infrastructure downtime and increase the reliability of the charging network. The platform will increase availability of certified EVSE workers ensuring that service providers have flawless accessibility to the right trained service technician for every job, every single time. To learn more about SkillFusion, visit

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