Siemens Foundation Grows EV Infra Workforce Through SkillFusion’s First-of-Its-Kind Skill Enhancement Platform

March 13, 2024 — Detroit, MI — SkillFusion, a cutting-edge software platform for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) operations and maintenance (O&M) providers, has announced it will provide the skill enhancement and certification program behind the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) and MUST Workforce Solutions’ paid “Electric Fast Track” career exploration program. Electric Fast Track was recently awarded funding through the Siemens Foundation’s new EVeryone Charging Forward™ initiative, which was launced in 2024 to create pathways for individuals from underserved and underrepresented communities in the EV sector.

The collaboration will provide upskilling for existing qualified electricians, offer a variety of entry points for career exploration in the EV and electrical industry, and provide connectivity to industry-recognized pathways to family-sustaining careers in the sector. The recently launched Skillfusion EDT program will be utilized for career exploration through the company’s dynamic skill development and certification platform ensuring accessibility for all.

“We are pleased to be providing our platform to delivering some of the very first cohorts of the SkillFusion EDT training and certification as part of this dynamic program to support workforce expansion and serve the industry,” said Elaina Farnsworth, Co-founder and CEO, SkillFusion. “We are glad to support EVITP and the Siemens Foundation and their commitment to advancing workforce development, health equity, and clean economy jobs.” 

SkillFusion’s groundbreaking approach provides charger-agnostic skill enhancement and certification covering the full spectrum of skills needed to support EV charger operations beyond just electrician certification, including technical support, networking and communications, cybersecurity, monthly O&M, and more. As workers complete their EVSE certification, they are placed within SkillFusion’s proprietary database of certified technicians—both for electrical and non-electrical workers—which allows EVSE O&M providers the ability to access a skilled labor pool to fulfill service obligations—unlocking unlimited job potential. 

“Rapid expansion of the electrical industry is creating strong demand for more qualified electricians and electrician upskilling through technology specific training & certification, as well as, an opportunity for engagement with career explorers to create the electrical workforce of the future,” said Jennifer Mefford, EVITP National Co-chair. “Through the partnership between EVITP, MUST Workforce and Siemens Foundation we have the opportunity to ensure that the pipeline for the electrical industry to support EV infrastructure and the electrical industry is strong, we are engaging those communities that have historically been left behind and connecting them to good jobs with living wages, healthcare and representation.”

“We are excited to launch the Electric Fast Track in Michigan and North Carolina which will allow real-time, paid, career exploration for participants interested in EV and the electrical industry,” says Cheryl Sanford, Director, MUST Workforce. “This model provides important connectivity and supportive services designed to provide an individual a strong start in the industry, connection to existing established programs and job placement opportunities which is highly effective in traditionally underserved and marginalized communities.”

About SkillFusion

SkillFusion is a first-of-its-kind approach to providing electric vehicle operations and maintenance (O&M) service providers with access to a nation-wide credentialed talent pool for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) O&M obligations. Through the company’s cross-sector training platform, SkillFusion is developing the largest talent pipeline of certified electrician and non-electrician workers available to EVSE O&M service providers with the mission to minimize charging infrastructure downtime and increase the reliability of the charging network. The platform will increase availability of certified EVSE workers ensuring that service providers have flawless accessibility to the right trained service technician for every job, every single time. To learn more about SkillFusion, visit

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