On EV Chargers and Job Opportunities in the Charging Sector

We are thrilled to announce that our Co-founder and President, Rue Phillips, was recently featured on EV World News. In this insightful conversation, Phillips dives deep into the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) chargers and the emerging job opportunities within this sector. Highlighting the challenges and solutions in the industry, the interview covers the impact of government incentives and the essential role of education and workforce diversity in meeting the future needs of EV infrastructure.

At SkillFusion, our mission is to bridge the skill gap and prepare individuals for the rapidly evolving green technology landscape. In the interview, Phillips emphasizes how SkillFusion is at the forefront of this transformation, developing specialized training programs that equip workers with the knowledge and hands-on experience required for successful careers in the EV charging sector. Don’t miss this exclusive interview to learn more about how SkillFusion is driving innovation and supporting the sustainable growth of the EV industry.

Watch the video now on EV World News here.

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