How Improving EV Charging Infrastructure Can Bolster US Cybersecurity Measures

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption accelerates, enhancing the security of EV charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly critical. In this recent Cyber Defense Magazine op-ed written by Elaina Farnsworth, Co-founder and CEO of SkillFusion, she discusses how improving EV charging systems can bolster U.S. cybersecurity measures. Farnsworth write that our innovative solutions can integrate advanced cybersecurity protocols with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that EV charging stations are not just efficient but also secure against potential cyber threats.

We encourage you to delve into Farnsworth’s Cyber Defense Magazine article to understand how SkillFusion is at the forefront of this crucial intersection between green technology and cybersecurity. Discover how our expertise in developing secure, intelligent EV charging infrastructure is contributing to a safer and more resilient energy grid. This piece offers valuable insights into the importance of securing our evolving tech landscape, making it a must-read for professionals interested in cybersecurity, sustainable energy, and technological innovation.

To read the full op-ed by Farnsworth, click here.  

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